Condolence & Memory Journal

You saved me a lot of haslse just now.

Posted by Tasmine - xJTmmxfkj, NM - bcCUO6LuQk   July 02, 2015

I read your ponistg and was jealous

Posted by Misty - igcgaMRe, LA - X4Ywfq2QJG   July 02, 2015

Unpaeallelrd accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

Posted by Janesa - C7EEFjaA4iRI, FL - 8rrDVbgGwV   April 12, 2015

Miss Williams was a lady in every sense of the word. She was such a beauty, inside and out, and was a good example to all the women, young and old, in her lifetime. She is truly a loss to the world.

Posted by Karen Murphy - Mountain Home, ID - admirer   July 03, 2013

She was a stunning & talented beauty that will be truly missed. I can remember when I was a little girl being mesmerized watching her swim in movies with beautiful & lavish backdrops!!!! You felt like you where there inside a colorful kaleidoscope and you wanted the movie to last forever! She was a true kind hearted sweetheart. To know her was to love her. Rest in peace Esther!!

Posted by D. Catterton - Dallas, TX - Fan   July 02, 2013

Ms. Williams was such a lovely person, beautiful inside and out.

Posted by Shirley P - Trinity, TX - Fan   July 01, 2013

I always enjoyed her films. I think it's the reason I started competitive swimming and did fairly well as a long distance swimmer, finishing, did not medal, but10th or so in the Natlonal 3-mile long distance event when I was 16. We wiii miss her presence. RIP Fran Stricker

Posted by Fran Stricker - Indianapolis, IN - Devotee   July 01, 2013

A true 'star' from the days the word had real meeting. Also unlike even true stars today, she had real talents AND was always a lady. No scandals, no gossip hype, etc. The term 'class act' comes to mind. When many of today's names have faded, Esther Williams will be remembered as part of the 'gold' from the Hollywood golden days. We'll miss you Esther! (and popularizing swimming probably saved a few lives as kids, especially girls, learned to swim as a result of seeing Esther exhibit her talents)

Posted by Gerald Edgar - Garner, IA   July 01, 2013


Esther Williams was a beautiful lady, both inside and out, who projected class with confidence at the same time! Esther Williams helped pave the way for women working in the business word today, here in America as well as across the world!

Posted by Karen - Newark, DE - Admirer of a wonderful person!   July 01, 2013

My late father would talk about Esther occasionally as a great athlete and movie star! World War II also interrupted my father's plans on becoming an Olympic men's hurdler. Esther will be missed but remembered always by the millions of fans and movies she made!

Posted by Kenneth Whitney JR - Castro Valley, CA - Admiring Fan   June 08, 2013

Mrs. Williams lived a long and successful life. We can look forward to the time when "sickness and death will be no more" Revelation 9:21.

Posted by Zyniell - Friend   June 07, 2013

I very much enjoy watching Esther Williams films both for her witty acting and effortless swimming. I, and may the family too, look forward to the day when your dear Esther hears Jesus voice saying "come out" (John 5:28, 29). Yes she has the wonderful prospect of living again on a paradise earth with beautiful, clean waters where she can swim freely with no worry or fear. (Isaiah 35:1; 33:24; 45:18; Psalm 37:29; Revelation 21:4)

Posted by A. King - NC - Fan   June 07, 2013

Miss Williams, thank you for the many hours of happiness you brought this teenaged girl. May your family know you are remembered and cherished. May the heaven's remove the pain of your loss.

Posted by J. Foster - Toledo, OH - Fan   June 06, 2013